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2023 Mar - present

Product Manager | trilitech

Based in London, trilitech is a blockchain research, and development hub focused on the Tezos blockchain. We're building proudly on Tezos as a Tezos ecosystem contributor.

2022 - 2023

Head of BD | Dynasty Studios

Dynasty Studios is a VC-backed, next-generation game studio; working with blockchain technology to deliver rich & high-quality gameplay. Dynasty's flagship project is Providence, an AA survival MMO.

2019 - 2022

Co-Founder & CEO | Game Factory

Game Factory is one of the largest online incubators in the world. The incubator established office spaces across Turkey; partnered with companies like Amazon, Google, the City of Istanbul and Zynga.

2019 - 2022

Co-Founder  | Hi Games (acquired)

Hi Games built top-notch casual and hypercasual mobile games. I led and designed over 70+ projects, such as  Ground Digger, reaching over 20M+ downloads.


Publishing Manager | Mynet

As the first PM of Mynet, I built the first internal publishing team, focusing on hypercasual and casual games. This division later turned into "Mynet Games" as a new entity.


Business Dev. Specialist | Playz

Playz, where I started my career in gaming, was a gamer-focused social media app with thousands of users in the MENA region. I worked on scaling and improving the product & partnerships.


Istanbul University | Bachelor’s Degree

Business Administration

Isendoorn College | AFS Exchange Programs

Highschool (HAVO 4) Exchange



▴  Led the production and game design of the casual hit game Ground Digger! in partnership with HOMA GAMES.

▴  Coached over 100+ studios and proactively worked in 8 hit mobile games.

▴  Actively participated in the production of over 200+ mobile games, mostly casual and hypercasual.


▴  Established the first global partnership with Google For Startups in the game industry.

▴  Built Turkey's first municipality-backed incubation center.

▴  Built and led over 40+ global business partnerships with Amazon, Google, and Zynga.

Fun facts

▴  Led as an executive in corp at the age of 19, led 70+ people as a CEO at the age of 21. Accredited in media such as HBR & some documentaries.

▴  Participated as a guest lecturer at Bahcesehir University, Game Design Major.

▴  Organized MENA's one of largest game expos: GameX.

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